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Chimney sweeping and Inspections In the OKANAGAN

Fast, professional and certified service to keep your home safe and warm.
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WHy SWeep Your Chimney?


Avoid Chimney Fires

Regularly having your chimney swept significantly reduces the risk of a chimney fire. Such fires can result in property damage such as a cracked or broken chimney liner (with the need for replacement) to the most severe consequence of potentially losing your home. While the latter is relatively rare, it is crucial to be aware of the potential risks associated with chimney fires. Sweeping once a year is best!


Improve Heating Efficiency

An unobstructed and clean chimney promotes improved airflow and combustion, enhancing heating efficiency. Professional chimney cleaning, which involves eliminating blockages and obstructions, guarantees that the fireplace functions at its best. This not only maximizes heat output but also minimizes energy wastage.


Reduce Risk of CO2 Poisioning

Detecting high levels of carbon monoxide is challenging as it is tasteless, odorless, and invisible. Accumulation of creosote, twigs, dirt, and other debris in your chimney obstructs effective venting of toxins and smoke from the fire. This situation can lead to the production of carbon monoxide, posing a potentially fatal threat.

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Mike Ferguson

“I recently had The Chimney Chaps come out to clean and inspect my chimney. Darian was prompt, professional, and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend them!”

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